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Meerapalli Puducherry Address: Yanam Vengadasalam Pillai St, MG Road Area, Puducherry, 605001, India

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Meerapalli Puducherry Timings

Day Timing
Monday 6:00 am – 8:00 pm
Tuesday 6:00 am – 8:00 pm
Wedesday 6:00 am – 8:00 pm
Thursday 6:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday 6:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday 6:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday 6:00 am – 8:00 pm

Note: Meerapalli Puducherry Madrasa where kids come to learn about the religion open from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

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When you have a holiday in mind, a budget set out, and a mood in place, but no destination insight, that's where Puducherry comes to light. A beautiful union territory along the Bay of Bengal and one of the top tourist destinations of South India, Puducherry (erstwhile Pondicherry) has a mesmerizing skyline that will beckon every tourist to visit it at least once.

The UT has a rich cultural heritage with a perfect blend of Indo-French heritage still visible along its colorful streets. From the gorgeous beaches to the innumerable religious places to the historical structures, there is a lot to explore in Puducherry.

Out of the several attractions, the Meerapalli mosque is one of the most revered religious spots for Muslims. It is the second oldest mosque of Puducherry.

#Trivia: The Meerapalli mosque is also known by its founder's name as Meeran mosque.

All about Meerapalli Puducherry

The magnetically beautiful Meerapalli mosque of Puducherry is a perfect shrine to offer your prayers. The calmness and peace the mosque has to offer is unmissable. The Meerapalli mosque holds a legendary 350-year-old history and is the second oldest mosque in the Union Territory of Puducherry. It holds several religious festivals, part of the Muslim culture, and projects them beautifully.

#Trivia: Office of the Puducherry Hajj committee and Puducherry state WAKF board neighbors the Meerapalli mosque.

The Acrot Nawab built this sacred spot in the 18th century. The serene ambiance and the surreal aura provide a tranquil experience to all its visitors. You will always find a bunch of lively crowds here as this mosque has a vast hype amongst the locals and tourists.

#Quicktip: Cover your head and wear a full attire when visiting the mosque out of respect for different cultures.

Architecture of the Meerapalli mosque

The Meerapalli mosque showcases the Gothic Islamic style of architecture. Four lofty pillars support the mosque's dome-like structure and are further embellished with intricate carvings all around. The two minarets add a distinctive allure to the architecture of Meerapalli. On the top of the front-facing minaret, you will find a bronze 'Kalasa.'

Besides the Meerapalli mosque is the grave of its founder Meeran and the revered Suubhi Errai Perriar Mullah. The basic structure of the mosque has remained the same and stood the test of time through centuries. However, over time, a few aesthetic changes and repairs have increased the beauty of the mosque manifold.

Location of Meerapalli Puducherry

The historic architectural shrine of Meerapalli is situated on Yanam Vengadasalam Pillai Street near the MG road area of the union territory of Puducherry.

Entry fee and timings of Meerapalli Puducherry

There is no fee to enter the Meerapalli mosque in Puducherry, and you can pay your respects at your leisure. The mosque opens for its devotees, and visitors at 6 am and closes by 8 pm every day.

#Trivia: The mosque also holds a Madrasa to impart religious teachings to the children.

Best time to visit Meerapalli Puducherry

Puducherry is best explored during the winter season. The humid summer season will drain your energy, and you will not be able to enjoy the mesmerizing UT to its fullest.

So, plan your trip to Puducherry and Meerapalli, from October to March.

How to reach Meerapalli Puducherry

The Meerapalli mosque is situated in an area that is quickly accessible via any mode of transportation. However, if you wish to get to Puducherry, you can opt for any of the following means of transportation.

By bus: Puducherry is accessible by bus from almost all the small and big towns of South India. The bus stop is situated hardly 2 kms from the bus stop.

By rail: The Puducherry railway station is 500 meters away from Meerapalli. All you need to do is grab a taxi, book a cab, or take a rickshaw to reach the mosque.

By air: Two of the closest airports to Meerapalli are Puducherry and Chennai. The former is 7 Km, and the latter is 150 Km away from Meerapalli mosque. You can enjoy a tranquil drive from the airport in a cab and reach the mosque at your convenience.

By cab: You can book a full day cab from top car rental companies in Pondicherry to reach the mosque and other tourist attractions nearby.

Your trip to this gorgeous UT is incomplete if you miss soaking yourself in the peacefulness of the several tourist attractions of Puducherry. Meerapalli adds a flavor of inquisitiveness and architectural delight that is sure to stir your senses right. An excellent getaway for wanderlusts looking for quiet serenades, Puducherry is your homely holiday destination. So grab your bags and get ready to spend this winter season amidst the lush green fields, tranquil beaches, and divine shrines of Puducherry by booking a Pondicherry tour package with Pondicherry Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA. Please fill the Contact Us form and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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