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Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple Puducherry Entry Fee

  • No Entry Fee

Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple Puducherry Phone

0413 233 6544

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Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple Puducherry Address: Manakula Vinayagar Koil St, White Town, Puducherry, ,605001, India

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Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple Puducherry Timings

Day Timing
Monday 5:45 am – 12:30 pm
4:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Tuesday 5:45 am – 12:30 pm
4:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Wedesday 5:45 am – 12:30 pm
4:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Thursday 5:45 am – 12:30 pm
4:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Friday 5:45 am – 12:30 pm
4:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Saturday 5:45 am – 12:30 pm
4:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Sunday 5:45 am – 12:30 pm
4:00 pm – 9:30 pm
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Nestled in the heart of the city, Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple is one of the famous ancient temples in Puducherry that offers holy and divine vibes to the devotees of Lord Ganesha. Widely renowned for its significance, heritage, and culture, this temple is dedicated to Hindu community and has everything you need to take some time off from the busy routine life.

Tourists who visit Puducherry for a week or two should take some time off for this spiritual shrine at least once for sure. It is believed that the presiding deity, which is another form of Lord Ganesha, removes all the obstacles in your life and fulfills all your wishes if you worship him with full devotion and desire.

History of Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Puducherry

Dating its history back to at least 500 years ago, the Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple has 2 interesting tales attached to it. It is said that, during the French rule, the French people built a fort right beside the temple in the year 1688.

To make an impact on their fort, they thought of removing the Vinayagar Temple from its current position and hence, started throwing the idol of Ganesha in the sea. But to their surprise, every time they did, the idol used to reappear on its own. Seeing this, the French people gave up and became the ardent follower of the Lord.

Another ancient story that revolves around this temple states that, almost around 300 years ago, there was a saint who had glittering eyes and wide forehead attained samadhi at this divine site through his liberation. Since then, it is considered as an auspicious place for newborn babies.

Architecture of Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Puducherry

Featuring a traditional Dravidian Architecture that deserves high praise, the Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple is beautifully decorated with an array of friezes and stucco figurines that make the overall structure look even more impressive.

Sprawling over an area of 7913 square feet, the main highlight of this temple is the gold laminated kodi kambam that measures 18 feet in height. Another interesting feature is the idol of Lord Ganesha that rests on the golden chariot. Made entirely of teak wood and gold racks, the golden chariot was created solely from the donations given by the devotees in the temple. Just for the fact, the total gold used in the making of this chariot is 7.5 kg and it costs approximately 75 lakhs.

The beautiful architectural design also features a mandapam, a prahara, and raja gopuram where the statues of the deities are kept. Besides Ganesha, one can also find the idols of several other important gods and goddesses inside the temple including Shri Krishna, Murugan, Shiva, Parvati, and many more. Other than that, there is also an elephant Lakshmi that blesses people with her trunk every day from 4:00 PM until 8:00 PM in the evening.

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Entry Fee and Timings of Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Puducherry

There is no entry fee to visit Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple in Pondicherry. It is open for its devotees from 5:45 AM to 12:30 PM during the day and from 4:00 PM from 9:30 PM in the evening on all days. The recommended exploration time is 1 hour.

Travel Tips for Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Puducherry

  • Choose traditional or ethnic dress whenever you plan to head to this location. It is not advisable to wear something that cannot help you cover your shoulder, head, and neck.
  • Remove all the leather items before entering the complex. Though it is not a strict rule, it looks better if one maintains the decorum and sanctity of the temple.
  • Do not take your footwear/slippers inside the temple. Since it is a sacred place, it is important to keep them outside the premises.

Best Time to Visit Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Puducherry

One can seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha at Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple at any time of the year. However, visiting it during the winter season i.e., from October to March is generally considered the best. At this time, the overall weather conditions are quite cool and pleasant, with an average temperature ranging from 17-degree Celsius to 22-degree Celsius, thus making it favourable for you and your family.

If you are an ardent devotee of the presiding deity, you can also plan your visit to this temple during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, which is usually observed during the months of August and September. At such times, the temple remains crowded as it receives a huge influx of people from every corner of the world. Other festivals that are celebrated with great zest in this temple are Brahmotsavam and Dussehra. So, if interested and have time, you can also become a part of such celebrations and make the most of your trip.

How to Reach Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Puducherry?

Wondering how to reach Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple in Pondicherry? Fret not! There are several transport options available to get down there and you can choose whatever suits you the most.

By Air: Enjoy a direct flight from Hyderabad or Bangalore to Pondicherry Airport for hassle-free travelling. It’s the domestic airport in the city and receives flights from only these 2 cities. However, if you belong to other cities, you can easily get a connecting flight from Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Udaipur, Kochi etc.

For overseas travellers, the Chennai International Airport is considered as the nearest getaway. After arriving at any of the airports, one can book a private taxi from the list of top car rental companies in Pondicherry to explore the destination of their choice.

By Train: Another convenient way to arrive in Puducherry is via train. Puducherry Railway Station, the main station of the city, maintains good railway connectivity to the other metro cities of India and is only 1.7 km away from the location. From there, you can look for local transport to access the different locations of the city.

By Road/Self-Drive: Choose to self-drive all the way to Puducherry to overlook the outstanding views and mesmerizing scenery throughout the time. A road journey to the city is no less than a dream for all those who are fond of road trips and are nature lovers. There is also a facility of private and state-owned buses available that operate on a regular basis to and from the destination. So, you don’t have to worry about anything.

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